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Updated: Jan 28

Locked out of your room, room unlocking, office door unlocking, commercial lockout, emergency locksmith
Don't Stress it just call A & H Locksmith Services of Orlando

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home before, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do and who to call.

As local Central Florida Locksmiths in Orlando, we’ve pretty much seen it all and can tell you that there are 3 things that you should NOT do if you ever find yourself in a lock-out situation.


Locked out of your room, room unlocking, office door unlocking, commercial lockout, emergency locksmith
Don't do it your self Find a Locksmith nearby

While this method might actually work on cheaper and ineffective lockset, the fact that you have an un-secure lock still remains. This also means, if you’re able to get in, so is any petty thief, too.

However, a sturdier lock will be far more resistant to your prying and likely damage your card, as well as the lock itself. Now this means that you’re in for the additional hassle of applying for a new card from your bank (and you know how much fun that can be!), as well as having a new lock fitted.

So if you’re sitting outside your door locked out – resist the temptation to pull out your credit card instead call a local Locksmith.


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Locksmith don't damage doors

Locked out of your room, room unlocking, office door unlocking, commercial lockout, emergency locksmith
Call a Locksmith First

You might be tempted to kick the door in, or smash the lock, because you’re frustrated (possibly a bit angry with yourself for forgetting your keys) and just want to get inside.

If you’re able to kick in the door it means you have a bigger security issue and might need to replace the whole door and lock set, while smashing the lock means now you have to buy a whole new door handle set plus call a trades-person to install it. Time-consuming and expensive.


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Locked out of your home? we can help

Not only is this a dangerous course of action to take, suspicious neighbors might call the Police, and then you’ll have some awkward explaining to do. That’s the best outcome here. In the heat of the moment, many think they can scale up and over a balcony, possibly resulting in some damage to piping or railing or even to yourself if you fall. Climbing in a window is the same. It arouses suspicion and you could find yourself stuck if it’s a small window frame, or you might get in only to find it’s a long drop down to the floor on the other side, resulting in serious injury.

So, what should you do instead if you find yourself locked out of your home?

If you’re in a rental property, advise the landlord first. They could possibly offer a spare key or will contact their local locksmith for assistance.

Otherwise, simply call a trustworthy locksmith. You’ll be inside within minutes, with no damage done and no repair costs. Plus, they are likely to have some additional tips and advice for your home, keeping you and your valuables as secure as possible

A & H Locksmith Services

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Orlando, FL 32801

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I can't thank Local Locksmith Charlotte company enough for their exceptional home lockout service. From the moment I called, they were responsive and provided a quick solution to my problem. The locksmith was highly skilled, and the entire process was stress-free.


If you are looking for locksmith look out for three or four locksmiths compare there prices and the locking system they use for use home or office.


While installation of new locks for your home and office always go for smart locks who provide you best protection from theft and hire professional to install them.


If you are interested in a particular locksmith, compare their prices to that of their competitors. While it makes sense to find the cheapest price, a locksmith that offers a price that seems too good to be true is probably just that and they may not have your best interests in mind.


If you locked yourself in the car or room and want an instant solution, always recommend professional and local locksmiths because they have the experience to deal with all types of security issues.

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