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Home burglaries, a growing trend

According to the news that reaches us day after day, thefts produced in houses and the demands for occupation seem that they do not stop increasing. The increased presence of organized gangs worries neighbors and business owners, who see helplessly how they cannot protect themselves from criminals. In addition, the slowness of the administrative processes and the little deterrent effect that justice has on them, has caused good citizens to feel unprotected before the law. On the other hand, this sense of danger is reinforced when criminals help each other.

And it is common to use signs and signals among criminals to identify possible victims. Many people believe that this is nothing more than an urban legend. However, the police constantly warn neighbors so that they are alert to the presence of any element that is out of the ordinary in their homes. In fact, it is common to increase complaints about this type of situation during the summer season, where thieves and thugs mark doors, mailboxes, and door openers to identify the most vulnerable households. Of course, if we believe that our home has been marked, we must notify the authorities immediately so that they are aware, as well as proceed with its elimination to guarantee our safety.

The modus operandi of criminals to identify potential targets

Many people think that a theft or occupation of a home is an isolated event as a result of the desperation of people in situations of extreme poverty. However, in most cases, these types of crimes have been premeditated by organized criminal gangs. Their objective is none other than to obtain the maximum economic benefit at any cost, so they will do whatever it takes to get their loot. To do this, they observe their objectives for days, analyzing and studying all their routines, the number and type of people who live in the house, the presence of valuables and their social status, as well as many other factors that allow them to choose the best victims.

To avoid this, we must always give the impression that our home is never unattended, taking actions such as leaving clothes hanging, having the television or radio continuously on or never letting letters accumulate in the mailbox. In the same way, we must be alert in case we observe the presence of any signal in our homes. The most used methods are small drawings made with pencils, pens, chalk, punches and sprays, although it is also usual to use small strings and adhesive tapes to find out if we visit our home regularly. As we have already indicated previously, what we must do in these cases is to go to the police to make the relevant notification. Once we have done it, we must make sure to completely erase any traces.

What can we do to ensure the safety of our home?

If you want to enjoy your holidays away from home and are afraid of what may happen while you are away, the best we can do is to take extreme security measures. For this, in the market, there are numerous mechanisms with different degrees of security with which to protect our home. To make the right decision in terms of security bulbs, it is essential to place our trust in an expert locksmith to offer us complete advice. In the same way, if you are concerned that someone else may get hold of the keys to your home or that someone else is trying to violate the security mechanism, you can always choose to register the security light bulb installed in your home. In this way, only you will be able to receive information about the mechanism or request its repair at any given time. Likewise, we recommend that you avoid those products that can be easily purchased over the Internet, relying only on professionals in the sector.

Lastly, it is important to maintain an open communication path with neighbors, as well as with family members who reside near our home. Being aware of what happens in our home when we are not can help us to disconnect and enjoy the vacations peacefully.

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